There’s a quick and simple solution to this very large and complex problem. Implement a Workplace Driver Safety Program Utilizing ETraining Associates proven Driver Safety Program.

Safe Driver Program - Teen

Offered: Online and Classroom.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Teenagers 16 -19 years old are 3 times more likely than drivers age 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. They are more likely than older drivers to speed, underestimate dangerous situations, neglect using their seatbelts, or have an accident under the influence of alcohol than older drivers. Fortunately, these accidents are preventable. By focusing on risk factors prevalent among teenagers, and directly involving parents and guardians in the process, E-Training provides a program designed to substantially reduce the risk associated with teenage driving.

Safe Driver Program - Workplace

Offered: Online and Classroom.

According to the US Census Bureau, 76.3% of Americans drive or ride in a motor vehicle to and from work as their primary mode of transportation every day. Amongst this majority percentage of daily work commuters, are millions of individuals that then continue to drive or ride in a motor vehicle as part of their daily job responsibilities/requirements. For most of us, driving is routine and we're not cognizant of the inherent risks present when we engage in daily travels, errands, and commutes. Driving is so deeply engrained in our culture and day-to-day lives, that it's effortless to overlook the statistically evidenced fact:

Safe Driver Program - Mature

Offered: Online and Classroom.

As we continue to age so do our needs. Physiological changes and an increased reliance on medical care has a direct impact on how we drive. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the risk of a fatal crash increases among drivers ages 70-74 due to a higher susceptibility to injury. By focusing on risk factors unique to mature drivers, E-Training Associates provides the steps to becoming a safer driver.

Given the frequency of crashes, it is not surprising that the number one cause of work place fatalities are motor vehicle collisions.

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